Piped water system in Sholop


At Sholop station, AGAPE will build a deep well in 2016 to provide clean water for travellers and visitors to the nearby marketplaces, restaurants and mosque. On the recommendation and approval of AGAPE e.V., the surrounding market stalls have laid pipes on their own initiative and now have running water. In return, the operating costs of the deep well and the pumping system are borne by the users. In February 2020 we could see how much this running water has improved the hygienic conditions in the shops. Thanks to the water pipe, kitchen utensils and hands can be cleaned better and more thoroughly than before under a hand-swing pump. The shop owner proudly shows us his water pipe through which he gets the water for drinking, washing up and cleaning. In the back of the shop there is even a sink for washing hands.

Sholop showed us once again how important a supply of clean water is. Thanks to the support of AGAPE, the radius of action of your help is widening and we can see that our projects Help for Self-Help also work sustainably.


Water pipe in the yoghurt shopWash basin in the yoghurt shop




Connection of two primary schools in Dadpur to a water supply


In Dadpur we were asked to sample school wells in 2017. The University of Heidelberg was kind enough to take over the chemical analysis of the water samples and was able to confirm the suspicion that very high arsenic levels were present at two of the three neighbouring schools. One school already had a pump system installed that provided clean water. At the suggestion of and with financial support from AGAPE e.V., another tank was installed on the school roof, which now supplies the other two schools with running and clean water via a pipeline. This is important so that the children can have running water in the toilet and wash their hands.

Our best endeavour is to provide the local people with professional advice and to motivate them to help themselves by their own efforts.


Water connection of two schools to deep wells in Boalia

In Boalia, AGAPE e.V. built a deep well in the market place in 2015, which has been providing clean drinking water ever since. The well is very busy due to the proximity of households, the ideal mosque and the nearby market stalls.


Since 2018 a pipeline financed by AGAPE e.V. has been supplying two nearby schools. Especially at the primary school, the drinking water supply and the hygienic conditions have been significantly improved, as there is now running clean water. Until now, the children had to drink heavily arsenic-contaminated water from a well. A visibly big improvement with very little effort.


The picture shows the water connection during the construction work (Feburar 2020) With the sampling of further wells at schools and markets, we are currently checking whether further pipelines are required



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