Unterstützung von Minderheiten in Rumänien

"Agape - help for self-help" supports the society Al. I. Cuza in a youth integration project with the aim of integrating Roma children into society - Project Buduhala.
The children and adolescents drop out of school and have little chance on the job market without a completed apprenticeship.   "The association has built a workshop where young people have the opportunity to learn traditional trades such as basket weaver or wood carver. To be accepted here, they must prove that they regularly attend state school. As an incentive to attend the vocational school, they are offered a snack, clothing and financial help for the family from the proceeds of the sale of goods produced here. The pupils are instructed in the craft by two village masters, three days a week, three hours in the afternoon".

A perspective for traumatised needleworkers

On April 24th, 2013, Rana Plaza, one of the largest sewing factory buildings in Bangladesh collapsed, leaving many of the surviving needleworkers traumatized and unemployed. In order to give those affected a new perspective under better working conditions, Christine Weitmann founded a small sewing shop together with Abdul Wahab, the local partner. The building is single-storey, there are large windows for daylight and there is enough space between the work tables. The employees receive a reasonable wage for their work and lunch.

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Unterstützung von Alten und Kranken in Deutschland

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Flüchtlingshilfe in Griechenland

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Waisenhäuser in Indien, Nepal und Tibet

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