Microbiological Laboratory

Water samples are applied to special culture media in so-called Petri dishes and then stored in the TRAWAS box for 24 hours under constantly warm conditions that correspond to human body temperature. The breeding grounds are specific to certain bacteria and germs. Our previous investigations show that the groundwater samples from household wells are contaminated with the bacterium Escheri coli ("coli bacteria") in a striking number of cases. These are usually the cause of diarrheal diseases. In addition, they are an indication of microbial contamination of the groundwater by sewage ingress.



In order not to have to constantly run to the well, water supplies are often created in the houses. With the warm outside temperatures, this is an ideal breeding ground for these and other bacteria. Our filters remove these bacteria completely. That's why people are so happy with our filters and don't get sick as often.


With this laboratory we will now also control the quality of our piped water systems so that no bacteria can accumulate there.

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