Research application to GLOHRA

The German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA) is an association of scientists working together to solve the major health problems of humankind worldwide. GLOHRA regularly awards research grants for collaborative projects between university institutes and associations.


This year, AGAPE, together with the Institute for Earth Sciences Heidelberg and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, applied for funds that will ultimately benefit families in Bangladesh. In this already proven cooperation, a total of 300 families with high levels of arsenic in their groundwater will be provided with various water purification methods. The techniques - including our drinking water filters, which have already been tested over a long period - will be optimized over two years under scientific supervision. In addition to arsenic removal, microbial contamination will also be taken into account. Another key aspect is the development of a first purification stage that will enable families to treat larger quantities of water - ideally all that is needed in the household. This will involve the use of the electrocoagulation process, which we have already successfully tested in Germany.


Cooperation with universities is important in order to be able to develop a process that people will use in the long term and that meets all the needs of families. Our people from AGAPE in the field will oversee the facilities and work with the families involved in the study to further improve the technology for usability and sustainability.


Applications to GLOHRA will be decided at the end of June - keep your fingers crossed!

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