Ein-Zehntel-Foundation provides clean drinking water for Korgaon

We are very pleased to receive a grant from the Ein-Zehntel-Stiftung for Clean Drinking Water in Korgaon.


In this village there is a small elementary school without functioning sanitary infrastructure - the children have to fetch water for drinking from the surrounding households. However, almost all of the neighboring household wells are very heavily contaminated with arsenic - most of them with more than 200µg/l. This is more than four times the Bangladeshi limit (50µg/l) and more than twenty times the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended limit (10µg/l) for arsenic.



Figure 1: The elementary school of Korgaon is attended by about 280 pupils - but there are neither functioning washbasins nor toilets.



Figure 2: The surrounding households of the school have heavily arsenic contaminated water (picture left: the rapid test shows 0.3mg/l, which corresponds to 300µg/l). Many wells are also sluggish and in poor condition (picture on the right).


Thanks to funding from the Ein-Zehntel-Stiftung, we will now build a well here. We will ensure clean and also iron-free drinking water by treating the water in a flow-through electrocoagulation cell - a pilot project with a lot of potential! The well should provide enough water to supply the neighboring households with clean water as well.

We are looking forward to the cooperation!


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