Corona in Bangladesh

So far we have been able to send 4,000 € in donations to Bangladesh
- many thanks to all donors, mask sewers and our volunteers in Bangladesh for their commitment!


AGAPE Bangladesh was able to provide a small hospital with urgently needed masks and hygiene articles, as well as providing information and distributing masks to the population.


Furthermore, we support the suffering population with your donations:

Many of the people who work in the textile industry or as day labourers have lost their income because of the Corona pandemic. The usually very low wages in most industries do not allow many families to put savings aside. There is also no social support, short-time work benefits or state funding. This is why people are particularly dependent on help from other countries. AGAPE Bangladesh therefore distributes free food packages to the people in need.


Md Abdul Wahab, Chairman of AGAPE Bangladesh, also asked about the needs. In the slums, there are not only food packages but also a food distribution - for at least one warm meal.


Please continue to help us to support these people who, unlike us, do not have the luxury of living in a wealthy welfare state. We cannot prevent people from dying of Corona, but we can prevent people from starving.


Please recommend us to others and stay healthy!


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