Connection of deep wells to pipelines

At the Sholop, Boalia and Dadpur sites, existing deep wells of AGAPE e.V. or the school (Dadpur) were fitted with pipes. Thus the area of action of the water supply could be considerably increased. At the locations Boalia and Dadpur, 4 schools with a total of more than 1,000 students are now supplied with running and clean water, as well as several markets and restaurants in Sholop and Boalia. This significantly improves the hygiene and health of the people. Visible success can be achieved with little effort.

A yoghurt factory now has running water. The hygienic conditions have visibly improved.






Wasserleitung im JoghurtladenWaschbecken im Joghurtladen

The shop owner proudly shows us his water pipe from which he gets the water for drinking, washing and cleaning. In the back of the shop there is even a sink for washing hands.


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