100 drinking water filters in Sylhet


The filters are based on a commercially available household filter system from DrinkIt. In cooperation with the University of Heidelberg, we added an additional cartridge for arsenic removal and tested it last year for practicality and ease of use. It was also important to us that the product was of good quality and produced locally. The three different arsenic adsorbers have approval for drinking water treatment.

According to a defined program, these filters are regularly maintained, disinfected and tested for functionality by our local partner AGAPE Bangladesh. In this way, the families also have the opportunity to tell us how satisfied they are with the filter and whether they are using it. So far, we have received consistently positive feedback, as all families are very happy with the clean water. Many say that they are sick much less often since then. Thanks go to you, the loyal and generous supporters of AGAPE.


Einer der 100 Haushalts-ArsenfilterDie Filter werden regelmäßig auf Funktionalität geprüft.

Picture on the left: The well water before filtration is brown and often contains iron and arsenic. You can clearly see how much clearer the water is after filtration.


Picture on the right: The filters are regularly tested by AGAPE Bangladesh with a rapid arsenic test. If the filtered water exceeds the limit of 0.05mg/l, the filter material is replaced and collected. The used filter material is tested for recyclability at the University of Heidelberg.


Now Bangladesh finally has a filter that reliably produces clean and arsenic-free water and is affordable. In the next steps, we will further develop this filter to make it more robust, environmentally friendly and affordable for poorer families, so that health through clean drinking water does not remain a privilege of the rich.


Here is the feedback from the families, which says more than anything we could write:

  • Water teste and iron free get clean water.Free from deases and stomach deases.
  • Get clean water.We have free from skin deases for filter water drinking.Iron free water and teste.Filter water make to good food.Previus time direct water drinking creat lot of stomach problem but now we are free from stomach deases.
  • Child easy to get filter water.Child like filter water.Free from deases.Water teste and clean.Filter nice to see.If emergency need water we get water this serias moment.
  • Get clean water and iron free water.Family like filter water.Get safe water.
  • Get good water.Family member get water easy from filter water.Our save mony because of our not able to buy filter.Filter like very nice to see.When guest come my home they like filter water.
  • Filter water clean and iron free water.Water teste.Filter water good for health.Child like filter water.Free from deases.Save money.
  • Now free from deases and stomach problem.Get clean water arsenec free water.Water make good tea and food.We are happy to recieve filter.
  • Filter water drinking free from deases.Child like water and get can easily.Iron free and arsenic free water.Water very clean to see.
  • Get clean water and arsenic free water.Lot of benefit for filter water during flood time.Flood time tubewell under flood water in that time we used filter water. Safe water.
  • get fresh water.In the night we get water emergengy time.arsenic free water and iron free water.Filter water good for health.No need more time go tubewell.All time kept water in filter.Free from deases.Filter keep water cold.Family members like filter.
  • Eating clean and safe water.Direct water very iron but filter water iron free.Water teste and cold.Free from deases.Child like everytime filter water.Get can easily filter water.Night time do not go outside for water due to filter inside house.
  • Move to deases from humen body due to filter water use.Younger child like filter water. Water altime available in the house.Any time easily we can get water emergency time.Family member like filter.
  • Free from deases and move to stomach problem.Previous time we drinking direct tubewell water for that creat lot of deases but now we are release from skin an body problem.Iron free and arsenic free water drinking.
  • Water teste and clean water.Filter water free from deases and skin problem reduce.Arsenic free water.
  • Get arsenic free water.Free from deases.Child deases red
  • Iron free water and drinking arsenic free water.Water teste.Water available in the house alltime.Free from lot of deases and direa and skin problem.uce.Now we are better feel tnan before.We are happy to get filter.Water are available in the house.
  • Previous time we drinking direct tubewell dirty water but now we are drinking fresh and clean and arsenic free water.Free from deases.Water teste.Filter reduce lot of germ water.We save money due to get filter.If we buy filter our needed lot of money.
  • Water teste.free from deases and stomach problem.iron free and clean water drinking.Water alltime available in house for that we can easily use any time.



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